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Training in your Home and Neighborhood

All American Dog Training Academy is a family owned and operated company. We have been in the business of training dogs and their owners since 1972. We feel your home is the center of your pet's life and individual in-home training is the most logical place to train your dog. Since we work with your pets in their own environment they will learn faster and any problems get handled on the spot; including housebreaking, pulling on the leash, jumping up on guests, destructive chewing, etc.

You and your family are Included

Every Program is "Tailored to Fit" to the special needs of each dog and their owner. You're assigned a qualified trainer who will help you get your dog trained to fit your particular needs. We will help you learn the best methods of dog handling and problem solving in the privacy of your home. During each lesson the trainer will get a response from your dog first. Then the trainers will coach you and your family in getting the same response. It will be your responsibility to work with your dog and practically apply what you've learned each day. We recommend that you train and work with your dog at least an hour a day. Your trainer will recommend what amount of time you need to spend on training your dog each day.

Our Philosophy

We offer a military style of dog training. This method utilizes a positive and negative approach. We feel that your dog needs to understand what is correct behavior as well as being corrected for wrong decisions that may lead to bad behavior. We use a 3-tone process or tone inflections to properly train your dog. These tone inflections are:

Praise - A fun, loving or happy tone approving of the action or behavior.
Command - A regular tone to give a direction. Not yelling or screaming.
Correction - This is a negative tone. To discourage any bad behavior

We try not to use any type of food motivation. We want the dog to perform the commands and the behavior for the owner and not the food. We are capable of all styles of training because there is not one style of dog. We will apply the best method of training to your dog for the best response. We use many different collars depending on the temperament of your dog. We do NOT use any type of head harness or gentle leader. They may cause a unnatural twist to the dog's neck and cause injury. We will discuss all options of Training Collars and use a step-by-step method to have the dog adjust naturally and perform the best possible way.


We never give prices or quotes over the phone or online. We like to meet every potential client and shake the owner’s hand and see their dog in action. This puts the personal back into the "Personal Dog Training.” Our pricing is customized for you and your dog. What that means to you is that when you schedule an evaluation, you get a true assessment for your dog and the length of time needed to train you and your dog.

We do NOT charge by the hour, we feel "By the Hour" gives a trainer the ability to overcharge a family or exploit a situation. When we do an Evaluation we actually handle your dog and get to know them. You and your family get to see how we work, our skill level and why we work the way we do.

What does "Handle" your dog mean?

We take your dog outside and see what we can accomplish in a quick and simple session. We want to see the compliance level and how fast we can capture and hold your dog’s attention. This usually takes 10 minutes or less depending on the dog.

Once we handle your dog, we head inside to take a quick questionnaire to find out some of the finer points we need to know. Once we have a total picture of what we need to cover and accomplish, we can give you an accurate price to train your dog.

Practice is the key to ANY training program!

Please select from our services below:

    •    Puppy Training

    •    Basic Obedience

    •    Advanced Obedience

    •    Property Boundary & Yard Containment

    •    Management System

    •    Housebreaking

    •    Child & Baby Introductions

    •    Protection Training

    •    Behavioral Problems

    •    PTSD Training

    •    CGC Training/Testing

    •    Service and Therapy

    •    Aggressive Dogs & County Citations


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