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Tampa:         813-685-6666
Pinellas:       727-446-2386
Polk:             863-949-0664
Manatee:      941-405-0046

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Management System

What is a Management system? 
A common issue that All American has dealt with over the years has been in helping people set up systems to manage their dogs while they are at work or simply can't supervise their dog. We will discuss proper containment and procedures to eliminate destructiveness and housebreaking issues that your dog may have. As your dog begins to utilize the techniques that are taught and your dog begins to learn the trust you have will grow and your dog will benefit. How will they benefit? They benefit by freedom. The more freedom and trust they gain the more space they receive in the home.

Our customers also enjoy a well-mannered dog while having guests. Having the dog go to a designated area on command (Place) until released. Most guests appreciate the option of interacting with the dog. When a dog becomes overwhelming to your visitor it’s nice to be able to command your dog so that your company can relax within the living area and not be pestered.

Another common issue is the dog's interaction with children or newborns. All American Dog Training has developed management systems to accommodate this so that everyone can enjoy the dog from newborns to adults. Your dog is and can be a product of its environment. It’s up to you to set the tones for the behavior in your home.

Practice is the key to successful training program!

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