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Customer Comments

Hear what some of our clients had to say about us!

September 26, 2014

When I began the process of getting a new puppy, a coworker told me about All American Dog Training. I am so glad I gave them a call and I cannot thank Dave Springs enough for the great job he did training my dog.

Dave started with the basic sit, stay and heel commands – teaching one command each week.   When we got to the command “place” at week five, I did not think there was any way Dave could get my rambunctious four-month-old golden retriever to go to her “place” and stay there until he told her to come. To my surprise, just like all of the other training sessions, within 10 minutes she was getting the concept and by the end of the session, she had the hang of it. Of course, you have to put in the time between the weekly sessions to reinforce the command, but Dave works with you during each training session to make sure you have the hang of it as well.
By the end of the training program, she could walk “off leash” and stay within the yard boundaries we had set. Dave was stern when he needed to be but also showed her affection when he told her “good job”.
If you put in the time and work between training sessions, you will see results. I know Baylor would not be as well behaved as she is today if it were not for Dave.
Thanks again,
Patti Bennett



Dec 5th, 2013
Dear All American Dog Training,
I can’t thank you enough for the time you spent with Anya. She is a different dog. We thought we were going to have a significant challenge on our hands but your lessons made it happen.


Jan. 10th, 2013
I wanted to express my deep appreciation to you.
All American Dog Training has been very helpful to my family.
W. Mackey

March 2, 2012
All American Dog,
Thank you for teaching our parents to be great pet owners
Tenchi and Mijo


February 14, 2011
Dear All American Dog Training,
Lily came into my life when she was 10 weeks old. I had just lost my Husky to cancer and embraced the thought of a sweet, loving puppy to fill the void. I immediately contacted Dave Springs at all American Dog training knowing from past experience that he would help me train my new puppy to be an adorable, well behaved, best friend.
Marilynn B.


February 25, 2010
I just wanted to take the time to say “thank you” to Dave and all of AADTA for all you did with our dogs. A little history about our situation: As owners of two very “normal” Jack Russell Terriers, we didn’t think it was possible to ever have peace and quiet in our house.
Jodi S.

February 25, 2009
My wife and I had the pleasure of utilizing your services over the past few months. We were fortunate in being assigned Dave Springs for the task. We feel the services were top notch, and we won't hesitate to recommend both the company as well as the trainer.
Thanks again,
John and Jennifer A.


January 18,2008
Dear Tony,
I would like to take a moment of your time to thank you for your company's professionalism in helping train our Havenese puppy, Maxwell. This is the second time we used your services due to great results the last time. Please feel free to use us as a reference for any potential clients who have reservations about th quality of the service you offer
Thanks Again,
Mike and Judy B.

September 24, 2007
We would like to thank you for the great training program over the past 12 weeks. Abby is much improved from the beginning of classes; and we have learned more than we we ever imagined possible. Thanks again for the great training. We will take the lessons we've learned and use them as long as well have dogs.
All the best,
Dave and Jane T.


October 11, 2006
Dear Tommy,
Thank you for turning Smoky's aggressive personality to a personality that is pleasant to be around. Smoky is a citation dog , and we feel confident to be out in public without fear of her biting someone.We know we will have to do our part to keep Smoky's new improved personality, and we are willing to continue the training you have taught us.
Kudos to you,
Patti and Sid G.


August 10th, 2005

Now, thanks to Dave and his great training we are able to walk the dogs during the day with very little fear or aggression displayed from them. The improvement has been dramatic.
Roger and Sandy G.

December 31, 2004
I am a quadriplegic and my goal is to train my dog "Mookie" to function as my service dog. I need Mookie to work with me at home as well as in very public places such as Walmart and Publix.
I highly recommend this polite and knowledgeable young man for any dog training or problem correction tasks.

August 24, 2003
For years, I have been recommending All American Dog Training based on positive feedback I have received from customers I have referred to them. Now I have the personal experience of the fine job they do. They can correct your dog's behavioral problems; I can say that with certainly.
Frank Bonsack, DVM
Adventure Animal Hospital


June 30, 2002
Please accept this correspondence as a letter of recommendation for Dave "The Dog Trainer."
I highly recommend Dave to anyone considering having training for their dog. I promise you won't be disappointed with his abilities.
Lisa and Alan S

July 13, 2001
We are very happy with the training that Dave provided. Another thing that I liked about the training is that you tailored it to Zorro's needs and our needs. Since Zorro is a Greyhound he cannot sit like other dogs and I was glad to see that you were flexible in your approach to training him.
Thanks for your help,
Tom and Ann E.

October 6, 1999
This letter is to recommend the services of All American Dog Training Academy. Without reservations, we would wholeheartedly recommend their services to any dog owner who loves their dog and wants a trustworthy family pet.
Charles & Tari B

December 18, 1998
Tony, here are a few pictures for your collection. We really enjoyed your training and fine command of the animal, our pride and joy, Max.
Diana and Randy H

November 13,1997
This letter is a note of  "thanks" to Tony White at All American for the great Job he has done with our dog Sadie over the last several months
Thank you again,
April B.

March 13, 1996
Dear Friends,
Thank you for the difference your skills have made in taking a fear aggressive pound puppy, and an obstinate one at that, and turning her into an obedient and confident pet.
Gail and Ralph S.

March 13, 1995
Dear Tony,
Thank you for all the training that you did with Ruby . She has come along way. She hardly ever has any accidents in the house. She listens well now. I would highly recommend All American Dog to anyone that wants their dog to have obedience.
Traci P.

April 22, 1994
Dear All American Dog Training,
It is without hesitation that we would recommend All American to any dog owner. We would tell them don't put off making the decision to enroll yourself and your dog. Its time and money well spent.  
Irene Mayer
News Anchor

July 21, 1993
Dear All American Dog Training,
I wanted to take the this opportunity to express my gratitude for the wonderful job that you did training Zieg.
Hal Steinbrenner

June 20, 1992
Dear All American Dog Training,
We all here at the Heenan family wish to express our satisfaction with the basic and advanced training for our Great Dane, Preslee.

Bobby Heenan
World Wrestling Federation

October 27, 1984
Dear All American Dog Training,
Your compassion and kindness are greatly appreciated and tremendously worthwhile. Because of your help, the deaf Dalmatian, Daisy, is a happier and more secure dog.
Chris Dressing
Human Society of Manatee County, Inc


May 19, 1978
Dear All American Dog Training,
As a law enforcement agency that must deal with complaints concerning inhumane practices, the Washington Humane society has found All American Dog Training a blessing in the animal training field. Your organization is one of the very few we have no hesitation in recommending to our patrons.
Very truly yours,
Pam Flanagan / Manager, Washington Human Society

October 6, 1976
Dear All American Dog Training,
Although Mrs. Kissinger was very pleased with your training of Tyler, and certainly is in favor using humane techniques, I am afraid that her position prohibits her giving endorsements for commercial purposes. However, I am sure that she will not hesitate to recommend All American Dog Training to her friends on an informal basis.
Susan S McFarland
Personal assistant to Henry A. Kissinger


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