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Tampa:         813-685-6666
Pinellas:       727-446-2386
Polk:             863-949-0664
Manatee:      941-405-0046

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Specialists in:


All Phases of Obedience

Protection for Home/Business

Dog Psychology

Behavioral Problems

Protection Training:

Personal protection / Alert and Alarm (NO bite work) :
This program is designed to protect you and your family members at home or in a vehicle. Through a series of commands given, your dog will "Turn On" when it is needed and "Turn Off" when the threat is no longer there or the command is given to "Turn Off". The dog should remain in a "Turn Off" mode until the command is given to "Turn On". This is necessary for the dog to be able to remain calm in all settings, but at attention. In order for a family dog to be trained for this service, your dog must be at least one (1) year of age, have a solid temperament and must be both Basic and Advanced Obedience trained. Not all dogs qualify for this type of work; we can always do a courage test at anytime to determine if this is the right job for your dog.

Business protection (Attack on Command) :
In this stage of protection training your dog will learn to bite on command through a series of commands. Once the "Turn On" command is given, the dog should get aggressive, at this point the warning is given to the intruder and the dog can be released. The dog is taught where and when the bite should happen. Once the impact / bite happens, we will teach your dog to release and "Come to a Heel" and still be on "Alert" but be in a command. This program is designed to protect business personnel or protect property owned by the business. This type of training cannot be used in any in home business or a personal dwelling in a residential area. This program is only for commercial business and their personnel.

How you see your pet.

How an attacker sees your pet.


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