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Tampa:         813-685-6666
Pinellas:       727-446-2386
Polk:             863-949-0664
Manatee:      941-405-0046

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All American Dog Training Academy
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All Phases of Obedience

Protection for Home/Business

Dog Psychology

Behavioral Problems

What is an Evaluation?

An evaluation is where a qualified trainer comes to your home and handles your dog to see what type of temperament we are dealing with. The trainer will then take a questionnaire to determine what problems you're having, if any. We can then determine the length of time and cost for a program that can be developed to properly train your dog. If you decide to enroll your dog at the time of the evaluation the $25.00 evaluation is waived. If you do not enroll while the evaluator is there at your home the $25.00 is for his time and advice that you received at the time of the evaluation.

All Aggressive dogs or Citation Dogs that need to be evaluated will be charged a $50.00 fee per dog. This fee will be waived if you decide on your training program while the evaluator is there.

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