Service dogs and Therapy dogs are different and provide different services to their owners. If you have questions on what you need, you can always contact us and we'll help you as best we can.

Service Dog and/or PTSDĀ Dog is term for any dog that helps a physically or mentally challenged person. There are many services that a dog can provide. We do not handle all areas of service work but we do handle these types of service work.

  • Stability or Balance Dog: Helps the handler walk by balancing or acting as a counter balance. Does many of the tasks that the Mobility Assist Dog
  • Mobility Assist Dog: Pulls a person's wheelchair, carries things in a backpack, picks up things a person drops, opens/closes doors.
  • PTSD Training

Training can be at any age but the dog must be trained in Basic Obedience to qualify. We strongly recommend that Off Leash Obedience is completed before we can get into any specialty training. Training can be a long process and not every dog qualifies. At the time of completion we will give you an ID card with all the information that will allow you to travel and enter many public places like:

  • Local business and Restaurants
  • Government Buildings
  • Churches
  • Shopping Malls
  • Airports and Public Transportation
  • Any place you visit your service dog can accompany you

Make sure you speak with us if you are interested and we will steer you in the right direction. You may want to check out the rules and regulations associated with service dogs HERE.

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