Training in your Home and Neighborhood

All American Dog Training Academy has been training dogs in the Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Lakeland and surrounding areas for over 40 years and have trained over 50,000 dogs and their owners in their homes, neighborhoods and businesses.

All American Dog Training is a family owned and operated business since 1972. All American Dog Training Academy was founded by Mr. White & Family and the tradition of customer service and professional dog training will continue with the Springs Family.

When you hire All American Dog Training Academy as your dog training company we will assure you are receiving the best customer service and the best trainer for your family and your dogs' needs. All of our trainers have many years of experience and knowledge to make sure that you get the skills and the knowledge you need to effectively train your dog.

If you have any questions or concerns please let us know by contacting us

Our Philosophy

We offer a military style of dog training. This method utilizes a positive and negative approach. We feel that your dog needs to understand what is correct behavior as well as being corrected for wrong decisions that may lead to bad behavior. We use a 3-tone process or tone inflections to properly train your dog. These tone inflections are:

  •  Praise - A fun, loving or happy tone approving of the action or behavior.
  • Command - A regular tone to give a direction. Not yelling or screaming. 
  • Correction - This is a negative tone. To discourage any bad behavior.

We try not to use any type of food motivation. We want the dog to perform the commands and the behavior for the owner and not the food. We are capable of all styles of training because there is not one style of dog. We will apply the best method of training to your dog for the best response. We use many different collars depending on the temperament of your dog. We do NOT use any type of head harness or gentle leader. They may cause a unnatural twist to the dog's neck and cause injury. We will discuss all options of Training Collars and use a step-by-step method to have the dog adjust naturally and perform the best possible way.

Meet Our Training Team

Dave Springs

President / Evaluator / Trainer

Hope Springs

Vice President / Office Manager

Tommy Snell

Training Supervisor

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