dog training basic

Basic Obedience is the groundwork that builds a well-behaved dog. If the dog cannot walk on a leash properly and listen to basic commands then it will not respond in any other training course or the behaviors will not be corrected. In our Basic Obedience programs we will teach all the commands that your dog should know.

  •   Heel ( walking on a loose leash )
  •   Automatic Sit
  •   Sit-Stay
  •   Down-Stay
  •   Come
  •   Place command
  •   Release commands
  •   Respect for the word "No"
  •   Problem Solving
  •   House Breaking or Potty training


In our Basic Obedience program one of our qualified trainers will work with your dog and your family to solve any behavioral problems or concerns that you may have. If any problems arise during training, we will work on those while we are there. House breaking and problem solving can be added to this program if it is needed at NO extra charge. Just remember you are a part of the training program.

In addition to the basic commands, we can teach your dog Off-leash obedience. This program is always done after the basic obedience program and teaches your dog all commands without the necessity of a leash. In the advanced obedience we will also teach your dog the boundaries of your home. This allows your dog to freely roam and play in your yard and not cross over the boundary lines. Boundaries can be used in the front or back of the home and is to be used when you can supervise the dog.

Remember: Practice is the key to any successful training program!

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