Let’s talk about training collars for a moment. There are several training collars that can help you in a training process. You have to decide what is good for you, your family and your pet based on a professional evaluation. A qualified trainer will be able to tell you and assist you what will work and what to stay away from. Training collars are intended to speed up the training process and solve behavioral problems and bad habits.

Using the right one could save your house from damages and your frustration level if used in a training program and advise from your trainer. There are lots of training apparatuses out there from the simple fixed collar to electronics. We are going to cover the basic or the more popular ones here and we did not cover every collar out there because simplicity is always the best way to go when training your animal. Here are some examples of collars that are used in training.

Types of Collars

Regular Collars

Decrotative, Snap or Buckle

Slip Collars

These can be Metal, Nylon or Leather


Also known as Chinch Collars

Pinch Collars

Basically a Martingale with teeth

Gentle Leaders

A head Halter or a leash that slips over the nose.

Electronic Collars

E- Collars or Remote Trainers

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