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Puppy Training

Training essentially begins the minute you bring your dog home. This stage is extremely important to you and your puppy. In this stage, your puppy will learn about its environment and the behaviors of the other people in the family. It is very important not to spoil your puppy but to simply love and redirect when necessary. This is also one of the most impressionable stages in a dog's life.


During the first 6 months of a dog's life behavioral problems can develop that, if left uncorrected, can last a lifetime. By using our gentle training methods we can guide your puppy in the right direction, avoiding many of the problems that would otherwise develop. It's up to you to decide if you want a well-behaved puppy.

Some things to think about before you buy a puppy:

  •  What type of dog do you want?
  •  What type of activities do you want to do with your dog?
  •  Where this puppy will come from? Breeder or rescue organization ?
  •  What is the temperament of the puppy?
  •  Will this new addition to your family fit into your lifestyle?

If you already have a puppy and you didn’t think to ask these questions? That's All right! Don't worry, we can still help most people with just about any problem or issue that their new puppies are developing.

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