Housebreaking your Dog.

Housebreaking or Potty training your dog is an issue that can to be addressed at any age. Food is also a very important step into successfully housebreaking your dog. Good quality food is very important in regulating "potty" accidents. Higher quality foods mean less filler so the dog needs less food to get the same amount of nutrition. Lower quality food has "fillers" and so in part, your dog has to eat more to get the same nutrition.  Keep this in mind; The more food the more stool.

The very first step to housebreaking your puppy is to establish a schedule. It is critical to stay as close to the same times every day until your puppy has fully understood the concept you are teaching him. The tighter you remain on schedule, the faster the puppy will develop a rhythm and internal time clock for his own schedule.

Sounds easy enough... right? Well, if your puppy is still having accidents you may need a house breaking class to assist in making sure your puppy is going in the right places.

Where is a good place for your pet to do it's "Duties" 

bullet pawOutside - We recommend this first. It’s easier and faster for a dog to distinguish outside and inside. Plus this gets your dog acclimated to the outside environment and noise.

bullet pawPotty Pads - We recommend this option for people living in condos or high-rises’ that decide not to take their dog outside. Potty pads can be purchased anywhere.

bullet pawLitter Trays or Boxes - This is a little bit of a tougher choice for dogs to get acquainted with. With this method the dog has to leap or jump into something to go potty. Some dogs can have issues getting in the box.

potty training your dog

Confinements maybe used to assist in keeping the dog from eliminating all over the house when you cannot supervise. We will look around your home and make suggestion that we feel will get you the fastest response.

The main important thing is be prepared for setbacks! It’s completely normal for a dog to have 2-3 good days or weeks and they make a mistake. It happens. Just let us know how we can assist and we'll help get things straightened out.

We will help you find the appropriate place for your dog to do its “duties “. Whether it’s in a designated area outdoors, potty papers or a litter box we will, with your assistance, arrange a system to be followed that will consider the dog's holding power and your schedule.

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